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Некоторые предстоящие события и мероприятия FP7

• Calls for proposals under FP7
• First FP7 projects to be launched
• Financial Perspectives of the Union 2007-2013 enter into effect
• A European Space Policy, implemented through a European Space Programme, expected to enter into force. EU contribution to research in this programme will mainly come from FP7, complemented by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and other initiatives.
• A Community-funded European Security Research Programme (ESRP) ensuring the involvement of all Member States should be launched as early as 2007

1. Launch of the Networked European Software and Services Initiative (NESSI) technology platform on 7 September 2005
To consult relevant information please visit http://www.nessi-europe.com/index.htm

2. Launch of the "NanoMedicine" technology platform on 6 September 2005
The European Technology Platform: "NanoMedicine" was launched on 6 September 2005. To consult the vision paper and other relevant information please visit http://www.cordis.lu/nanotechnology/nanomedicine.htm
3. Launch of the "Food for Life" technology platform on 5 July 2005
The European Technology Platform: "Food for Life" will be launched at a stakeholders meeting on 5 July 2005. A provisional Vision Document for this platform has been prepared by its Core Group.
4. Commission services publish a Status Report on Technology Platforms
The report includes information available to the Commission services on the development of individual technology platforms, as well as contact persons and direct links to detailed web-sites
5. Global Animal Health Technology Platform held its first stakeholder meeting. Minutes : Participants
6. Publication of the strategic research agenda of the European Steel Technology platform (ESTEP): summary ; full text. [Date: 2005-04-22]
7. Interim Technology Platforms Contact Summary.
8. Forest-based industry unveils vision for 2030. [Date: 2005-02-21]
9. eMobility Technology Platform proposes two billion euro public-private partnership. [Date: 2005-02-09]
10. EUROGIF and EPPSA combine forces to propose a technology platform on clean and sustainable carbon based energies for Europe (N-EU-CARB-EN). [Date: 2005-02-18]
11. Poland reproduces EU Technology Platforms at home. [Date: 2005-02-03]
12. NEW ectp website. [Date: 2005-01-25]
13. Vision paper from the European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health. [Date: 2005-08-07]
14. Commission builds on Technology Platform and announces new animal health strategy. [Date: 2004-12-22]
15. Technology Platforms: questions and answers. MEMO/04/298, Brussels, 16 December 2004
16. Commission launches technology platform for Animal Health. [Date: 2004-12-17]
17. Potocnik calls on Technology Platforms to commit to openness. [Date: 2004-12-16]
18. Hydrogen and fuel cell ERA-NET will complement technology platform, says coordinator. [Date: 2004-12-15]
19. MANUFUTURE: a vision for knowledge-based manufacturing in Europe. [Date: 2004-12-09]
20. Technology Platform for networked electronic media launched. [Date: 2004-12-09]
21. B4E Conference Building for a European Future. [Date: 2004-10-25]
22. European Construction Technology Platform to outline vision for 2030. [Date: 2004-10-19]
23. Commission welcomes industry-led sustainable chemistry technology platform. [Date: 2004-07-07]

See more details >>> http://www.cordis.lu/fp7/roadmap.htm

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