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Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP)

Mathematic modeling of filtration processes for food technologies quality improvement

     Contact person
GORBATYUK, Viktor ( Professor)
Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP)
[email protected]
Telephone: +7(095)158-72-30
Project proposal
Title:  Mathematic modeling of filtration processes for food technologies quality improvement

Type Details: Mathematical description of a charged particle interaction with a pore in a charged membrane surfaces. Creation of mathematical electrolyte flow model in a porous medium with an emphasis on food systems. The research group unites highly experienced engineers and mathematicians for mathematical description of various beverages micro-filtration. The mathematic description of “dynamic membrane” formation on quartz surface within the filtration process and relative phenomena is an interdisciplinary project of applied mathematics and food technological engineering. The group has international cooperation experience within the frames of INTAS and INCO-Copernicus grants.

FP-Instruments: any other
Research interest:  Hydrodynamic interactions of colloidal particles inside the long channels, nano-particles, mathematical modeling
Expiry Date: 2008-12-31
     Target Partner
Expertise:  any appropriate
Country: any
     Organisation Details
Name:  Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP)
Address: Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP), 11 Volokolamskoye shosse, Moscow, 125080, Russia
Type: Education & Research
Number of Employees:  5 -600
Details: Moscow State University of Food Production (MSUFP) founded in 1931 is one of the leading education and research Centres of Russia in the field of food technologies based on plant raw materials: cereal (bakery, confectionary, alcohol and beer production), sugar-beet (sugar), grapes (wine), plant oils, food biotechnologies, commodities study and expertise (agricultural raw materials and foods). The University has more than 6000 students and PhD-students, and over 80 professors in the fields of Food technologies, Engineering, Mechanics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics, Ecology, etc. The MSUFP offers training in 25 specialities, 8 educational programmes for a Bachelor’s degree and 9 - for a Master’s degree, more than 70 programmes of upgrading and retraining specialists for food processing industries, programmes of training for University entrants. Foreign students from more than 30 countries of the CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America get training at the University. The University has participated in the "European Master’s Degree in Food Studies" and "Eurofood Network (Science, Technology, Engineering and Management in Europe)" programs as well as in the TEMPUS/TACIS Joint European projects. MSUFP is involved in an international scientific collaboration with: ENSAIA (France), Hohenheim University (Germany), Institute Meurice (Belgium), Heriot-Watt University (UK), University of Oulu (Finland), ENSIA, (France), Mongolian State University of Science and Technology (Mongolia), Academic software (UK).
Keywords: living systems; mathematical modeling; colloids; food; beverages; membrane filtration;
Partners already acquired: Some Russian Scientific Centres and abroad
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