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Moscow Forest State University

Functional products from natural plant and animal components: safety of hydrolytic desintegration at storage

     Contact person
IVANKIN, Andrew (Prof., PhD)
Moscow Forest State University
[email protected]
Telephone: +7(095)276-98-91, +7(095)588-55-30
Project proposal
Title:  Functional products from natural plant and animal components: safety of hydrolytic desintegration at storage

Type Details: Many food products today are functional. They include the various additives, which can be considered and as is simple nutrient and as preventive. For example, the increased contents of a iron in meatcompositions, at the expense of use of the Hem iron, is preventive maintenance. A part of protein and polysaccharide components are adsorbents, promoting absorption and removing from body of harmful substances. Use of complex mixes of proteins, fats, saccharides and special components in practically all food mixes requires availability of knowledge about long behaviour of these substances in products, in particular at their storage. The hydrolytic disintegration of the foodstuffs occursalways in a time and is difficult by availability of the functional additives.The understanding of gears of bio degradation of complex mixes permits tocreate new functional products, as well as to produce criterion of the safecontents separate admixture, which are accumulated in products andserve a signal - if the given substance was formed - means that a product islong stored and it must not be use. The purpose of the project - is to conduct researches of opportunities ofReception of new functional products and valuation them of safety and prevention of formation of harmful products of disintegration making proteins, fats, ets. In view of the large-scale of research expediently to be limited on some group of the foodstuffs, for example products of the animal of a origin with included intheir structure of hydrolyzed fats, for example the animal of a origin,and special lipids, for a example of an oil of the pine origin (an against cancer component ). Bio degradation of protein components can be appreciated in experiments under contents of biogenic amines.

FP-Acronym (-s): FP6-FOOD
FP-Instruments: any other
Research interest:  Functional products on the basis of proteins and polysaccharides of an animal and vegetative origin.Physical-chemical bases of hydrolytic disintegration of substances and use of these processes in medicine and for manufacture of food substances from natural raw material. Biotechnological bases of reception of substances for a food and medicine.
Expiry Date: 0000-00-00
     Target Partner
Expertise:  We are looking for partners interested in this topic and who want to form a consortium. The future cooperation could include survey on possible food-drug interactions among populations from different European countries.
     Organisation Details
Name:  Moscow Forest State University
Address: 141005 1 Institutskaja 1 Mitischi Moscow Region
Type: Education
Number of Employees:  5 -2000
Details: Department of chemistry and biotechnology of Moscow Forest State University is well known biochemical scientific , educational and research center carrying out research on the problems of modern food additives on the base of hydrolyzates of proteins and plant material. One of the problem – ecology of food products, its quality and safety. Moscow Forest State University is the largest university in Russia on the formation in the area of forest.In university is carried out researches on ecology, biology of agricultural materials, wood an materials researching, space monitoring, etc.
Keywords: Functional food products; safety of proteins; safety of oils; food; bio-decomposition; biogenic amines;
Partners already acquired: Moscow
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