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SME-JSC “Cereus Eco”

Development of technology of production of phage preparations to prevent and treat Salmonellosis and Colisepticimia in birds

     Contact person
MITROHIN, Maxim ()
SME-JSC “Cereus Eco”

[email protected]
Telephone: 7(095) 974-7918
Fax: 7(095) 974-7924
Project proposal
Title:  Development of technology of production of phage preparations to prevent and treat Salmonellosis and Colisepticimia in birds

Type Details: The application of the highly specific phages in fighting against pathogens of animals and humans is one the promising breakthroughs for future biotechnology. Salmonella-associated infections in birds are mostly caused by two pathogens: Salmonella enteritidis and Salmonella gallinarum-pullorum. S.enteritidis is considered among ten of the most harmful food-borne causative agents. Viewpoint of EU: Presently most of the EU countries have strictly limited or completely forbidden the use of certain antibiotics in poultry because of probable generation of hard-controlable multi-resistant populations of E.coli. Present status: - Our group has isolated and worked out processes of manufacturing of bacteriophages causing lysis of S.enteritidis, S. Gallinarum-pullorum, S.typhimurium and pathogenic E coli (01,02,078 and others) . - The phage preparations are formulated in a granulated form suitable to be added to poultry feeds. - Certain preparations are confirmed to be safe and effective by experiments on laboratory animals and broilers. - Technical regulations for manufacturing of granulated bacteriophages and Rules of application have been approved by Russian Ministry of Agriculture. - The project is production ready, talks on the large scale trials and introduction of phage preparations in practise of broiler farms with clients from Southern Russia (JSC Kubansky broiler and JSC Agrocomplex) and Raisio group (Finland) are under way. Cooperation with EU relevant agencies and private companies under FP 6 program might include: EU monitoring of application, harmonization of trials procedure, elaboration of technical regulations according to EU standards, EU patenting, possible joint venture manufacturing, etc.

FP-Acronym (-s): FP6-FOOD
FP-Instruments: any other
Research interest:  Replentish existing collection with virulent bacterial phages, scale up the cultivation and formulation process.Virulent phage preparations effective against S.enteriditis, S. Gallinarum pullorum, and E.coli.
Expiry Date: 2005-12-31
     Target Partner
Expertise:  Animal health RTD Centres and Companies.Oil and fat plants (Central and Southern Russia)
Country: All European countries, Danisco(UK), Central and Southern Russia
     Organisation Details
Name:  SME-JSC “Cereus Eco”
Address: SME-JSC "Cereus Eco" Ramenki St. 17/1, 119607 Moscow, Russia
Type: SME
Number of Employees:  7 -35
Details: SME- JSC “Cereus Eco” as an official representative of the well-known State Research Center of Applied Microbiology (SRCAM, Obolensk, Moscow region) on the phage formulations project . Cereus Eco coordinated the research stage of the said project. JSC “Cereus Eco” is a part of the a private group that is engaged in soybean processing and other fat and oil industry enterprises in Central and Southern Russia. In cooperation with other Russian and foreign scientific centers coordinates research activities on the up-grading of functional properties of soy protein concentrate and isolate (enzymatic hydrolysis of SPI), waste management technologies for the abovementioned plants, etc.
Keywords: Phage preparations; animal health; Salmonellosis and Colisepticimia in birds; Bacterial phages; Salmonellosis; S.enteriditis; S. Gallinarum pullorum; Colisepticimia in birds; E.coli;
Partners already acquired: Central and Southern Russia: SCRAM (Obolensk), ZAO “Agrocomplex”(Krasnodar) JBL (Finland), Raisio Group (Finland), Agropolis (Finland)
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