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Tver State Тechnical University

Nutrient delivery system in the risk reduction of the colorectal cancer appearance

     Contact person
SULMAN, Esther (Prof.)
Tver State Тechnical University
[email protected]
Telephone: +7(0822)-44-93-17
Fax: +7(0822)-44-93-17
Project proposal
Title:  Nutrient delivery system in the risk reduction of the colorectal cancer appearance

Type Details:  Intestines deseases are widely spread among men and women, colorectal cancer occupying the third place among the most spread cancer types. In order to reduce a risk of the colorectal cancer appearance, daily food ration should contain carotenoids, tocopherols, retinol, ascorbinic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, calcium and natural immunne response modifiers in sufficient amounts. Normal state of the intestinal microflora is an unnecessary condition as well, which may be achieved via applying viable probiotics and food fibers. However, the efficiency of such compounds decreases dramatically that is caused by the natural obstacles of gastro-intestinal tract, such as enzymatic barrier and insufficient absorption - on the one hand, and local concentrating of active components at the stomach mucos - on the other hand. Thus, the main problems are the delivering of biologically active compounds, their destruction prevention, and providing of maximum absorption from gastro-intestinal tract along with minimum negative impact on mucos. The research is aimed to develop nutrient delivery systems on the basis of natural polysaccharide hydrogels, which can reduce a risk of the colorectal cancer appearance. Following tasks will be solved: 1. Controlled release devices will be developed at variation of the encapsulation conditions, such as polysaccharide nature (alginates, chitosan, xylozanes, etc.), temperature, intensity and duration of the ultrasonic treatment of a polysaccharide matrix, solvent (water, ethanol and their mixtures). As an active encapsulated component, vitamins, viable probiotics, minerals, vegetal matter etc. will be used. 2. Natural immune response modifiers will be obtained. Extracts of the herbs Ginseng, Echinacea, St. John`s wort will be prepared and their immune stimulating activity will be shown. 3.Encapsulated component release at different pH of the extracapsular environment at 37oC will be studied. 4.Mathematical model of the nutrient release from a polysaccharide matrix will be developed. Microscopy, FT-IR-spectroscopy will be applied for the capsule characterization. Concentration of the released encapsulated component will be determined via capillary electrophoresis with UV-detecting. Herb extracts will be obtained under ultrasound.

FP-Instruments: any other
Research interest:  Design of functional food supplements Fields of research include obtaining and study of the properties of food supplements on the basis of substances of natural origin encapsulated into polysaccharide matrices (alginates, chitosan, xylozanes, etc.). Designing fortified foods presents the food technologist with two major challenges: making certain that the finished product contains the nutrients required, and that the nutrients do not cause an undesirable effect in the finished product.In these terms, polysaccharide hydrogels of natural origin (pectine, alginate, chitosan, etc,) are the most acceptable due to their biodegradability, non-toxicity (before and after degradation), besides, they do not act as antigens, but serve as a substrate for normal intestinal microflora, and provide uniform and prolonged absorption of biologically active compounds. We are interested in the development of suitable procedures for checking the stability of microcapsules and coatings; research on different natural polysaccharide and their combinations with regard to their suitability to protect the encapsulated substances against acids, enzymes and heat; development of an algorithm, which makes it possible to identify the combination of materials which offer the best protection against certain strains due to the production, storage or digestion. Our research interests include also the encapsulation of biologicals (
Expiry Date: 0000-00-00
     Target Partner
Expertise:  We are looking for partners interested both in this topic and in formulation of novel functional foods on the basis nutrient delivery systems who want to form a consortium. The different research fields could be: a human health or a disease prevention; nutritional; design of functional food ; encapsulation and controlled release; food safety.
Country: France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Byelorussia.
     Organisation Details
Name:  Tver State Тechnical University
Address: Tver State Тechnical University 170026, A.Nikitin str., 22 Tver
Type: Education
Number of Employees:  300 -615
Details: The Tver State Technical University is a member of Association of Technical Universities and Association of Engineering Education. There are 44 Departments in the Tver Technical University. Tver scientists carry out investigations on fundamental and applied branches of science in close contact with Russian and international Academy of Sciences. 15 acting and corresponding members of RAS, 12 Distinguished Scientists, 300 Ph.D. and docents, 55 Full Professors, 100 Masters of Sciences and 100 post-graduates are involved in scientific work. Scientific investigations on the application of biologically active compounds as food supplements comprise one of the most perspective trends of research work in the Tver Technical University. The Department of Biotechnology and Chemistry, carries out experiments and theoretical studies on biologically active compounds and their application in pharmaceutical and food industry. TverTU possesses necessary modern equipment for the successful fulfillment of the Project (UV-, FT-IR-spectroscopy, GC, GLC, HPLC, system of capillary electrophoresis, etc.). TverTU participated in organization of International Conference "From fundamental science to novel technologies. Chemistry and biotechnology of biologically active substances, food products and supplements. Ecologically safe technologies" held biannualy in Moscow and Tver (2001, 2003).
Keywords: nutrient delivery system; controlled release devices; functional food supplements; encapsulation; natural polysaccharide hydrogels; biologically active compounds; extracts of the herbs; natural immune response modifiers; colorectal cancer; ultrasound; food supplements; bioencapsulation; natural polysaccharide; stability of microcapsules; encapsulated probiotic cultures; encapsulation technologies;
Partners already acquired: Moscow, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Vladivostok , Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain...Ukraine, Byelorussia….
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