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NPP Immunotek

Improved biosensor tests for food quality control

     Contact person
EGOROV, Alexey (Academisian RAMS)
NPP Immunotek
[email protected]
Telephone: 095 939 27 27
Fax: 095 939 27 42
Project proposal
Title:  Improved biosensor tests for food quality control

Type Details: We are looking for partners for a project which is aimed to create a range of improved tests for monitoring of different contaminants (antibiotics, toxins, endocrine disrupters etc.) and application of the methods for evaluation of foodstuff pollution. The research involves preparation of key immunochemical reagents (immunogens, antibodies or any recognition molecules, tracers) and their incorporation into the immuno- and biosensor formats on commercially availiable and new developed biosensors with disposable or easily exchangeable sensing units (chips) based on different principles. In the process of project a range of improved express tests which meet different end-users requirements (laboratory use, in-field analysis, quantitative and semi-quantitative detection, single and multi-analyte tests) will be developed. The technology chosen to develop the tests; bio- and immunosensors, with using specific recognising molecules – antibodies and their fragments - will mean that the final products could be used in monitoring programmes world-wide. This is possible because of the very high sensitivity and fast production of results. These tests can be used in both laboratory and field environments and applied to routine monitoring programmes. The end point of the project is a creation of analytical methodology for food contaminants monitoring and production of test kits.

FP-Acronym (-s): FP6-FOOD
FP-Instruments: any other
Research interest:  Physico-chemical enzymology: protein and gene engineering, expression of recombinant proteins (horseradish peroxidase and its fusions with other proteins, antigens, antibodies); immobilisation and stabilization of proteins and antibodies jn different solid supports; mechanism of peroxidase catalysis, optimization of highly sensitive enhanced chemiluminescence as a detection reaction for ELISA, dipstick assay and flow-injection assays.Analytical biotechnology:development of conventional ELISA tests, biosensors and immunosensors for the determination of pollutants in environmental samples and food (pesticides and antibiotics); development of dipstick tests with chemiluminescent and colorimetric detection for a single analyte and simultaneous screening of several analytesflow-injection assay with chemiluminescent detection; DNA chip for infection bacteria; creation of new portable devices.Applied research:development and production of novek kits for the clinical chemistry, environmental monitoring and food quality control.
Expiry Date: 0000-00-00
     Target Partner
     Organisation Details
Name:  NPP Immunotek
Address: M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mendeleevskaya str., bld.2A, 119992 Moscow, Russia
Type: research & production SME
Number of Employees:  30 -60
Details: NPP Immunotek has a wide spectrum of scientific interest including physico-chemical enzymology, protein and gene engineering, immunochemistry and analytical biotechnology, applied biotechnology. The firm has an over 10 years experience in immunoassay development and over 8 years in biosensor assay. The applied research is focused on development and production of novel kits for the clinical chemistry, environmental monitoring and food quality control. Particular attention is given to generation a range of antigen derivatives with different chemical structure for conjugation with carrier proteins and enzymes and production of antibodies with curtain specificity. In recent times the special interest of the laboratory is in the development of novel immunochemical assays using enzymes as enchancers of chemical signals, optimisation of highly sensitive enhanced chemiluminescence as detection reaction for different assays including homogeneous and heterogeneous chemiluminescent immunoassay, flow-injection and membrane immunoassay, and in particular, new biosensors and biosensors techniques. Unique portable luminometer with chemiluminecent detection for strip, membrane and flow-injection analysis and range of highly sensitive chemiluminescent and electrochemical biosensors based on oriented immobilisation of antibodies, proteins and enzymes have been developed.
Keywords: immunoassay, biosensor, ELISA, chemiluminescence, environmental monitoring, food quality control, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, endocrine disruptors
Partners already acquired:
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